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京都のエンジニア bonar の技術的なことや技術的でない日常のブログです。

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Bonar -

Your album, BONAR: Saitama Life - EP, needs your final approval
before we can start doing Digital Distribution for it.

Please log in at

Once in, you'll see the prompt for you to verify the album.

Please especially check these things:
#1 - Audio matches the track listing? Listen to the sound clips.
#2 - Album cover art look OK?
#3 - Genre OK?
#4 - Any spelling mistakes?
#5 - Artist Name listed by each track exactly as you want it to
appear in searches?

We do this step to make sure everything is exactly as you want it,
before we send it out into the world of Digital Distribution.

Any questions, feel free to reply and ask.  We'll be glad to help.

Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby, HostBaby  <-- LOG IN  <-- need a new website?

P.S.  This email will send automatically every day until you have
finalized this album.  I'm sorry if it's annoying, but I'd be more
sorry if your album's distribution was delayed.

CDBabyのサイトにログインすると、verify してくださいみたいなメッセージが出ていたのでそれをクリックすると確認画面に。実際に音声ファイルの先頭をmp3ファイルでダウンロードして確かに自分のもので間違いないかを確認することができます。